First in Category-Young Adult Fantasy

First in Category-Young Adult Fantasy
Dante Rossetti Award


Here's what people are saying about Elanraigh: The Vow:

"This mystical story kept me enthralled right from the beginning where we find young Thera’s spirit riding the wind rift in the body of a sea hawk.
Memteth Raiders, killers with no scruples, plan to attack her people, the Allenholme, who in turn are forced to depend on their neighbouring Ttamarini for help to win the battle. This isn’t a problem since their leader, her father Oak Heart, had made peace with them in his youth. The Ttamarini chief has remembered. They embrace when reunited, and his handsome son, Chamakin, who accompanies his father, falls in love with Thera.

The Elanraigh elemental, an energy force, the ruler of all nature, joins with Thera who was born with an even greater power that her aunt controls. And she is the Salvai, the Ultimate. Thera is to be groomed to step into her place when the time comes. And it does.
Conflicts arise when—to protect her—Thera is sent from harm’s way before the coming battle. Only Memteth killers viciously attack her party, and kill her protectors. Seeking revenge, she learns to use her powers and lessons begin one after the other until she becomes a Salvai the people have waited for.

This is a compelling book, very different it’s true, but because it’s extremely well written, the tale flows and time just fades away." ***** 5 Stars

"From its opening pages when Thera of Allenholme, melded in mind and spirit with a young sea hawk, first explores her extraordinary gifts, this well-wrought coming of age novel is an engrossing read...I’d recommend Elanraigh to readers of any age who love fantasy fiction in the classic tradition of Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea books or Robin McKinley’s The Blue Sword. --- Eileen Kernaghan"

"I found this story magical, epic, and ethereal. Hunter’s vivid descriptions engaged me from the first page. She stays true to the fantasy genre by naming people and places mysterious names, injecting lyrical dialogue, and keeping technology out of the story. I am not a fan of Young Adult, but like fantasy as a whole and think adults and children will love this tale. It’s my pleasure to give this book a 5 out of 5 stars."

"One of the elements I really loved was how the nature is linked to the characters: the force, the forest talking to Thera and trying to help and warn, the animal spirits... I think it was a great way to make readers thinking about our impact to the Earth and what can we do to improve the world around us."

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