First in Category-Young Adult Fantasy

First in Category-Young Adult Fantasy
Dante Rossetti Award

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Gold Letter...

Well, dear friends, today is a momentous day…

No, unfortunately it is not that Ridley Scott has contacted me to say he wants movie rights to my novel (sigh)

However, I did receive a communication from Revenue Services Canada. Or, let me modify that to read that Bill received the communication as the envelope and contents are addressed to, “William John Hunter”. Said envelope contained my shiny new Gold Card. (I must suppose that our federal gov’t still holds to “the little woman” thought-paradigm and sent my CareCard, in care of my husband—they likely believe I will mistake the shiny gold card for a credit card and run off shopping.

Yes, it is only one month away from my official entering “senior hood”.
The crisp, heavy weight bond paper to which this key to wrinkle hood is attached contains 4 important points for me to note:
1.   Check for correctness (ok – can do)
2.   Sign the back – (they note that I can have a spouse, guardian, or other responsible adult sign on my behalf)
3.   Keep record of my number and store in a safe place
4.   Present card at time of service. 

 II  feel as if I now have a large, gold "S" imprinted on my forehead. That’s it, kiddies, I think I’ll just dodder into the kitchen a make a cup of coffee and contemplate the one, small benefit…free rides on the ferry.

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