First in Category-Young Adult Fantasy

First in Category-Young Adult Fantasy
Dante Rossetti Award

Monday, April 4, 2016

Caliburn Press LLC, Authors' Rafflecopter and Request for Bloggers....

My publisher, Caliburn Press LLC, has miraculously herded us, authors, into co-ordinating a Rafflecopter with all kinds of swag and giveaways.

These giveaways include T-Shirts, books, bookmarks, etc.

You're invited to check it out at:

Caliburn Authors Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, I'm hoping to find some bloggers who would be interested in promoting the Caliburn Press
Blog Hop. If you are interested ( I hope you are) please go to the Blog Hop sign in page and sign up as a Prom/Spotlight Blogger for any or all the wonderful authors at Caliburn Press :) day is May 7th and I'd love to have you with me :)

Jodie Pierce (aka Vampire Queen ) will be forwarding you a Word.doc to use in your post.

Caliburn Press Blog Hop

Cheers everyone
and thank you

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