First in Category-Young Adult Fantasy

First in Category-Young Adult Fantasy
Dante Rossetti Award

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Inner Writer is named "Ralph"

Ok. It's Saturday and it's windy and cold. I've got a whole two hours before I have to think about getting dinner.

Does anyone out there remember an old t.v. show called the Honeymooners? Ralph Cramden had a neighbour/friend, Ed Norton, who before getting on with doing anything would spend endless minutes cracking his knuckles, shaking out his arms, fiddling with stuff--until Ralph couldn't stand it anymore and would yell at poor Ed to, "Will you get on with it!"

I think my inner writer is being Ralph Cramden today. Ok, Ok.

Luv you guys, but no more Twitter, no more Blog until I get my short story characters into the climatic scene...only another thousand words or so...

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