First in Category-Young Adult Fantasy

First in Category-Young Adult Fantasy
Dante Rossetti Award

Friday, September 17, 2010

Whiffenpoof Words...

I just ordered a couple of wonderful books from Writers' Market: Writing the Breakout Novel, donald Maas and The Art of War for Writers, James Scott Bell.

I'm reading an excerpt from Art of War for Writers, and the author says, " modest attempt (in writing this book) as a field manual for all writing wretches..." (He means it kindly, guys--afterall, we all know we could have picked a less stressful pursuit than writing.

But the word "wretches", started a thought thread back to the old (very old) Whiffenpoof song and the thread linked to a writer's forever search for the just right word, the perfect word...we could call them "Whiffenpoof" words--as just like in the song, they're little black sheep, who have gone astray...

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